Introduction To CORE Strength Group

If you’ve been living in an emotionally destructive marriage for any length of time, you realize that you have some very difficult choices ahead of you. 

I know change is hard. And sometimes, you're only motivated to change when your current pain becomes greater than your fear of making a change.

Believe me, I get it. 

But I want you to know that you can grow stronger, even through this difficult situation. 

Yes, God calls us to be biblical peacemakers  but not peacekeepers or peacefakers. 

I've seen an increase in the bad advice given to Christian women that keeps them stuck and not able to make the right, bold choices to start to live in faith, not fear. 

In this building CORE Strength class you’ll learn about your "Big Circle" and how to stop letting your emotions dictate how you react. 

You’ll learn how to take the pressure off yourself to be perfect and instead, discover how to live peacefully with your own weaknesses.

You’ll also learn to see yourself as God sees you!

Learning to build your 4 CORE Strengths is critical to knowing how to be a biblical Peacemaker, dealing wisely with those who would rob you of your identity.

You Will Enjoy:

The Book

A signed copy of 

The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope by Leslie Vernick mailed to your preferred address. 


Discover how to build four (4) CORE strengths so that you can wisely interact with your destructive spouse.

Q&A Time

45 minutes of teaching and discussion on building CORE Strengths, followed by 45 minutes of LIVE question and answer discussion on the material from the book and class time.


You’ll receive a detailed handout, for note taking, prior to each call.

Recordings of Calls

Not to worry. You’ll receive a recording of each class. Listen to what you missed – or listen again at a later date.

Secret Facebook Group

You’ll get access to a SECRET Facebook group for connecting with other participants in the program, providing continued support, accountability, and encouragement.

What Others Have Said...

I was in a destructive marriage for 30 years and have 4 children. For years I tried everything, praying, fasting, counseling, reading every book, counselors, intervention, marriage intensive, with no change. A friend led me to Leslie and I was amazed that for the first time I had a name for what was going on in my marriage. When Leslie shared that she was doing the Intro to CORE Strength Group I prayed and was able to be a part of it.

My biggest worry of course was money and time, I knew I needed to do all that I could to move toward hope and healing and changing destructive patterns.

Being part of the group and listening to the calls, and working through the material has changed not just my marriage situation but all my relationships and interactions with people to be more healthy.

I love that Leslie say’s that my sanity and safety was more important to the Lord than the institution of marriage. She encourages each person to be who the Lord created them to be and by having firm boundaries many sinners are turned from their sin. The Lord is for the oppressed and downtrodden and Leslie is helping many in these situations to find freedom in Christ. I am so excited that I feel like I have learned to walk in core strength and am seeing much fruit in my life and for the Kingdom.

- Lanie

Class Details:

Session 1 - Thursday, March 14th, 2019 at 7:30 PM ET

Session 2 - Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 7:30 PM ET

If you register prior to March 1st, 2019, you will receive the Fast-Action Bonuses shown below.

Bonus #1:

A Copy Of My "Walking In Her Shoes" Ebook.

($50 Value)

Bonus #2:

Access to the Letting Go Of Negative Emotions Online Course

($200 value)

- EXPIRES March 1st, 2019

Leslie Vernick is committed to ensuring the highest level of confidentiality for any and all information shared by individuals within her support groups. However, please be advised that in certain situations involving litigation, disclosure of certain information shared in support groups may be required by the court. While Leslie will protect this group to the furthest extent permitted by law, rules of confidentiality and disclosure vary from state to state. For further information, contact a local attorney in your county and state.

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What Others Have Said...

"I’ve been married for 20 years and have three children ranging in ages from 6-16. Fours years into our marriage our first child was born and problems between me and my spouse became more frequent I determined that I had not understood biblical submission and started on a path of deliberately yielding to my spouse and setting my own interests aside. This decision caused a shift in our relationship dynamic that had a detrimental effect on me as a person. As I struggled to “help” my husband and to be a more loving wife, he grew more volatile, demanding, and angry with me over time. 

Although I had read several of Leslie’s books and was familiar with CORE strength, putting it into practice seemed like an unattainable mystery to me. I could not imagine a way out of my situation and felt worn down, fearful, and isolated. However, after recognizing that there were countless others who were struggling under similar conditions and facing their fears, I was encouraged and signed up for the class.

I have experienced the greatest impact in my life in the areas of taking responsibility for myself and learning to face reality and no longer feel like a victim. During our phone sessions, it was especially beneficial to receive coaching on personal questions and to follow along as Leslie coached other group members. "
- Alanna


"I have been married for 33 years and have four children. I wasn't married very long until I knew there was something very wrong. My husband would be fine and then just like that would fly into a rage, would yell and curse and swear. I became an enabler, a people pleaser, a peace faker. 
I was so glad to be a part of the Intro To CORE strength class. I knew I needed to learn how to do this. 
All of the teaching was so helpful, especially the teaching on the roles of abuser, rescuer, and victim. Another one was the teaching on remembering the truth of who God says we are, and living in that truth. It was truly like cool water to someone who was very thirsty for the truth.
It is well worth the investment. I would advise anyone to go for it! Looking back on it now I would like to encourage anyone who takes the class to give yourself time to allow these truths to work their way into your daily living. For someone like me, who was stuck in unhealthy patterns for over 30 years, it takes time to change. Give yourself grace for the times that you blow it. It is an ongoing journey but Leslie is here to support you through all of it. "
- Ruby